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James Watson (February, 2003)
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For geezers who may recall the 1994 furor over The Bell Curve, research on genetics and intelligence has a Paris-Lindsay-&-Britney-esque way of drawing media attention. Thankfully, serious research on neurobiological correlates of intelligence does not.  A recent paper from a highly regarded research team from UCLA adds more to the complex mystery of intelligence. From their paper, Luders and company found that “positive associations between intelligence and posterior callosal thickness may reflect a more efficient inter-hemispheric information transfer, positively affecting information processing and integration, and thus intellectual performance”. For geneticists and media hounds as well, I’d recommend to study this paper and others in this field very carefully as there are many neuroanatomical and physiological correlates. The genetics may similarly be a thicket of developmental pathways, not to mention a good night’s sleep, an apple a day, and parents who help you with your homework.

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