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Just so you know, neither of you are in charge … so please stop acting like hyper oxygen sensitive drama queens with self-absorbed Lewy body issues when it’s not even really about either of you.  I realize that you both have to work in a toxic stew of lethal reactive oxygen species to pump out limitless quantities of ATP and then die in a shallow, unmarked DNA repair enzyme complex … all so I can lay around and watch The Jerry Springer Show.  I get it.  You are under appreciated.  Listen, if you two would stop sniping at each other on Facebook, I promise I’ll eat more kale, volunteer at a soup kitchen and go to yoga 3 times a week.  Besides, AMP Kinase says that if you don’t get your shit together, he’s going to send mTORC1 over and teach both of you what being “mTORC1-dependent” is all about.

mitochondria and neural health

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