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The “T” allele of rs1378810 in your DNAJC13 gene has been associated with a slight benefit (less than 0.4% variance) in general cognitive ability. You can check your 23andMe profile.*  What? You’re a TT? Ooooh … nobody is impressed. But let’s not make light of our DNAJ genes just yet.

Consider the critical role of DNAJC5, a so-called cysteine-string protein (because it encodes a protein with an array of cysteine residues). This protein helps synaptic vesicles fuse and un-fuse so that your neurons can release and re-cycle tiny packets of neurotransmitters – which is how neurons send signals to one another. Yeah, vesicle fusion is really important … and is happening like a quadriillion times right now in your brain.

Mutations in the cysteine string of DNAJC5 have been associated with Huntington’s disease.

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*Interpreting 23andMe data here can be confusing because 23andMe lists an A or T as possible alleles but one isn’t always sure which strand the research literature refers to and if that strand is the same strand that 23andMe is reading from. Luckily SNPedia points out that an rs1378810 TT is in tight linkage disequilibrium with rs2133692 TT (T or C alleles) so you can check this genotype on 23andMe to infer your rs1378810 genotype. My 23andMe profile says AA at rs1378810 and TT at rs2133692, so I think I have the slightly beneficial TT genotype … but I’m really not sure. Confused? Me too. But like the research suggests, this genotype really doesn’t add much to one’s general cognitive ability.

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Just so you know, neither of you are in charge … so please stop acting like hyper oxygen sensitive drama queens with self-absorbed Lewy body issues when it’s not even really about either of you.  I realize that you both have to work in a toxic stew of lethal reactive oxygen species to pump out limitless quantities of ATP and then die in a shallow, unmarked DNA repair enzyme complex … all so I can lay around and watch The Jerry Springer Show.  I get it.  You are under appreciated.  Listen, if you two would stop sniping at each other on Facebook, I promise I’ll eat more kale, volunteer at a soup kitchen and go to yoga 3 times a week.  Besides, AMP Kinase says that if you don’t get your shit together, he’s going to send mTORC1 over and teach both of you what being “mTORC1-dependent” is all about.

mitochondria and neural health

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