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A child sleeping.Image via Wikipedia Can you recall that certain classmate who’s eyelids would slowly close during Genetics 101 lecture, followed by head-whips and finally unconscious, enviable slumber (if you can’t, then perhaps this classmate was you) ? Participants in the Framingham Heart Study were able to fill out questionnaires on daily sleep habits and measures of sleepiness and the resultant genome scan as reported in, “Genome-wide association of sleep and circadian phenotypes” by Gottlieb et al., (DOI) provide some amazing candidates. Of several, rs324981 (Asn107Ile substitution in the putative ligand-binding pocket of the neuropeptide S receptor, NPSR1) was found to be associated with bedtime. I’d happily comment more on the biochemistry of this gene family, but I must have slept through that lecture.

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