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1/365 [dazed & confused]
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pointer to: Daniel MacArthur and Neil Walker’s (@ Genetic Future bog) in-depth coverage of various critiques on the recent back-to-back-to-back Nature magazine trifecta (covered here) on GWAS results for schizophrenia.  Rough going for the global corsortia and a major f**king bummer for folks like myself who have been hoping that these vast studies would provide a solid basis for genome-based cognitive intervention strategies in the future.  Some of the discussion in the comments section points to the weakness in the diagnostic criteria, which is a topic also covered here recently.

Perhaps there is hope in the brain systems / imaging-based approaches that are taking off as genome technology spreads into cognitive and imaging science. Tough to scan 10’s of thousands of people however. Double F**K!

I guess DSM-based psychiatric genetics is just about dead for the time being.  The announcement of the soon to shutter deCODE Genetics and its 5-year stock price captures the failure of this endeavor.


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