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My computer desk on December 28, 2005
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Pointer to …50 Resources for Students Attending Online Health Psychology Schools” @ Online Schools .org which lists this blog as a resource.  From this site:

Health psychology news and information allows online students and professionals to understand the goings on in the health industry. The information makes it possible for one to learn what steps are being taken to provide better mental health care, what is going on in psychology health research, treatment and medicine.

Hope the blog will be useful.  More (and more frequent) posts to come!


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pointer to: Al Fin’s recent post chock full of great links to educational videos.  Incredible wealth of expertise just a few clicks away.  Thanks Al Fin!!

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The Colbert Report
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Science IS fun … props to Francis Collins for going out on a limb for the younger crowd on the Colbert Report.

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pointer to: Announcement from the University of Oregon, that Professor Michael Posner has been awarded the National Medal of Science – the highest honor given by the U.S. government to scientists, engineers and inventors.  Professor Posner is widely known and admired for his teaching and research on the biology of attention networks.

I was a most fortunate postdoctoral advisee of his from 2000-2003.

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Just stumbled onto this great educational resource ….

From an article that describes NERVE:

We’ve Got NERVE: A Call to Arms for Neuroscience Education
Kyle J. Frantz, Colleen D. McNerney and Nicholas C. Spitzer
“Are we neuroscientists doing our part to help revive science education, to stimulate teachers’ ingenuity, and diversify the intellectual capital among the next generation of scientists? Certainly we support progressive initiatives, including a major international Brain Awareness Campaign, local chapter grants for Society for Neuroscience (SfN) members, and activist committees for media relations, but are we doing enough? To enable neuroscientists worldwide to step out of the laboratory or office periodically to visit nontraditional neuroscience education venues, the Society for Neuroscience Public Education and Communication Committee has launched NERVE, the Neuroscience Education Resources Virtual Encycloportal (Fig. 1). This web-based compendium of teaching materials went live in September 2008 and has already received >10,000 visits from >100 countries around the globe. NERVE’s offerings are many: videos to stimulate discussion at town hall meetings, lesson plans for visits to local schools, and hands-on activities to break up long lectures, just to name a few. Regardless of the topic or venue, NERVE aims to meet our neuroscience education needs.”

The Journal of Neuroscience, March 18, 2009, 29(11):3337-3339; doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0001-09.2009

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