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Let’s be honest.  We are all great liars … to ourselves, and others.  The big blatant lies (I swear I never had sex with Monica Lewinsky) and the little well-meaning lies (No honey, that dress does not make your butt look big) and especially the lies that contain just enough truth as to seem believable on a global scale (Lowering taxes on the rich will spur economic growth) … are what make our lives, and daytime TV, so interesting.

Pity the poor human brain … for some people think that IT cannot tell a lie. Scientists in collaboration with law enforcement have been measuring the  P300 brain wave  as a sort of lie detector (here, here, here) more specifically  “an accurate, and countermeasure (CM)-resistant P300-based Guilty Knowledge Test.”

Interestingly, the properties of the P300 neural biomarker are highly heritable and associated with a variety of genetic polymorphisms – including rs521674 located in the noradrenergic receptor ADRA2A gene (functions in the alerting and stress response elicited when lying/trying not to lie).

I’m an AT heterozygote at rs521674 and proud of my pro-deceitful suppressed P300 … because sometimes all you have to cling to are the lies you tell yourself.

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