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A big wave is breaking in Santa Cruz, California.

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Fathers Day means more to some Dads than others.

What was once, $50 of beer money for a vial of semen, is now, a wave of cards and emails on Fathers Day for Todd Whitehurst – posterdad for the Donor Sibling Registry and focus of a recent article on super donors.

Statistically speaking, said one biogeneticist, Whitehurst could be the father of 42 to 60 children.

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NYCSub 7 car exterior
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Playa with gold NY Yankees hat worn sideways:  Man, I’ve got mad feva for the flava of these chips.

Hipster girl with multicolor wool sherpa hat:  You better watch out playa, you’ll pass on some ill health to your kids.

Playa:  Kids! I ain’t tryin’ to have no kids.  Besides, that’s some Lamarckian shit you’re talkin’.  Dads can’t pass on stuff they get from eatin’ junk food … only girls can.

Girl:  You ever hear of epigenetic reprogramming?

Playa:  You buggin’ gurrrl.  How are my sperm cells supposed to carry all that “past history” and shit to my kids.  I mean the fucked up cheeto-eating fat cells are in my ass, not my balls.  My sperm cells ain’t got nuthin’ but some nekkid DNA coiled up in them – no room for the epigenome in MY sperm babe.  Did I say my DNA was naaaked?

Girl:  You’re balls ain’t as dumb as you think.

Playa:  Oooh Shit!  Say that again!  Please!  Tell me about my sperm cells too!

Girl:  Slow down playa.  Read the paper by Carone et al., “Paternally Induced Transgenerational Environmental Reprogramming of Metabolic Gene Expression in Mammals” [DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2010.12.008].  They show that mouse fathers can pass on all kinds of crazy changes to their offspring’s liver function depending on the dad’s diet.

Playa:  Damn!  So I have to think about what I’m eating now? what I’m puttin’ into my sperm cells?

Girl:  If you want your nekkid DNA to be with me … ha ha!

Playa: Shit, that re-programming shit is messed UP!

Girl:  Don’t hate the playa, just hate the game – the epigenetic game!

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