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Over at Open Secrets, there are some great tools to “… investigate the cash flowing from well-heeled special interests within the health industries to your representatives, the committee members with the most power to shape the legislation …”

A big money political circus with $500 million spent on lobbying in 2010 alone!  Can a wave of new personal informatic and genomic tools take root and grow amidst a corporate money-fueled politicized regulatory environment?  I hope so, but the paradigm shift to personalized-genomic-medicine definitely stirs up some thorny conflicts between our individual rights of freedom, privacy and access to healthcare vs. the profit models of corporations vs. government policy.

The info graphic is here at Many Eyes.  Here is a related post on possible innovation-crushing regulation and below is a video summary of how “We the People” lost control of our democratic process.

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logo_MoteLgpointer to: amazing project on the complexities of managing mental illness in America today.  Scientific progress makes for policy dilemma in an era of economic decline.  Heartbreaking.

From the website: MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness is a multi-platform media project that explores severe mental illness in America.

The centerpiece of the project is a television program airing on PBS stations in October 2009. This video component is part of a national initiative that includes extensive web content with tools for civic engagement, active social media on Facebook and Twitter, and an ambitious strategy to engage citizens, professionals in many fields, and policy makers at all levels of government. The goal is to advance consensus about how to improve the kinds of support and treatment available for people with mental illness.

The television program MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness effectively illuminates challenging ethical issues as well as systemic flaws in program and policy design, service coordination, and resource allocation. These problems are contributing to a mental health system that is widely acknowledged to be broken. MINDS ON THE EDGE also provides a glimpse of innovative solutions that are currently being implemented across the country. These innovations, many shaped by the guidance and expertise of people with mental illness, offer promising solutions and hopeful direction to transform the mental health system.

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