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Genetics is a lot like politics.  Mainly, a whole lotta fuss about sex & selfishness.  Take it from the Economist:

“Deciding whether or not to be part of a particular group, whom else to admit to your group, how to keep or share resources, and how much sexual freedom to afford oneself, one’s neighbors and one’s children are all, and always have been, lively matters of political debate.  But they are also matters that have an impact on the crucial Darwinian business of getting genes into the next generation.”

thanks Amanda-Edwards for the pic

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Over at Open Secrets, there are some great tools to “… investigate the cash flowing from well-heeled special interests within the health industries to your representatives, the committee members with the most power to shape the legislation …”

A big money political circus with $500 million spent on lobbying in 2010 alone!  Can a wave of new personal informatic and genomic tools take root and grow amidst a corporate money-fueled politicized regulatory environment?  I hope so, but the paradigm shift to personalized-genomic-medicine definitely stirs up some thorny conflicts between our individual rights of freedom, privacy and access to healthcare vs. the profit models of corporations vs. government policy.

The info graphic is here at Many Eyes.  Here is a related post on possible innovation-crushing regulation and below is a video summary of how “We the People” lost control of our democratic process.

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